In your restaurant


In your restaurant

What IceFondue can do for your restaurant! 

Something totally unique for your menu!

The wonderful thing about IceFondue is it’s versatility. Use fresh and healthy ingredients. Capture the fresh flavour of in house made purees or make it simple and outsource. It’s incredibly dynamic, is fully customisable and it’ll take a few seconds to create a delicious ice fruit stick. Our custom made kits not only standardise your dish presentation and create important stability on the table but they also makes cleaning and service times much quicker, making it simpler to serve. There are other benefits too.

  • Exciting new menu items
  • Word of mouth advertisement
  • An experience your customers won’t forget
  • New stimulation/inspiration for your kitchen and staff
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors

How do i get Icefondue on my menu?

It is simpler than you think to begin. We provide everything that is needed for you to start your IceFondue experience. We provide our easy-serve custom self contained kits, table guides and all the nitrogen you need to keep up with demand. Our nitrogen technicians carry out a free safety check and demonstration of safe handling and storage before delivery begins. We provide all the help you need to use and present IceFondue and expand the new possibilities of your kitchen now that you have liquid nitrogen.

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