Ice Fondue

Make your own nitrogen ice cream -196°c


Make your own nitrogen ice cream

Ice fondue was inspired by the use of Liquid Nitrogen in Michelin star restaurants. Molecular cooking is no longer an exclusive extravagance, it’s a delight that we’ve made affordable and easy for everyone to enjoy.

With our easy-use, custom-made kits and recipes you can experience the new dessert sensation that’s available in a growing number of restaurants across Europe. Cooking with nitrogen is easier than you think. We take everything that’s good about ice cream at the table and turn it into an event you won’t quickly forget. Dinning is as much about the experience as it is about the food and IceFondue surpasses both of these expectations.

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IceFondue in your restaurant


In your restaurant

IceFondue – Everything you need to start!

It’s simpler than you think to begin. We provide everything that’s needed for you to start your IceFondue experience. We provide our easy-serve custom self contained kits, table guides and all the nitrogen you need to keep up with demand. Our nitrogen technicians carry out a free safety check and demonstration of safe handling and storage before delivery begins. We provide all the help you need to use and present IceFondue and expand the new possibilities of your kitchen now that you have liquid nitrogen.

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Buying liquid nitrogen and our supplies

We are specialists in delivering nitrogen to the catering industry, we have a variety of packages tailored to different needs and we keep prices affordable due to our bulk buying. We’re friendly and flexible and can meet for all your nitrogen requirements.

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This post is also available in: Dutch

IceFondue at your event


at your event

Nitrogen ice cream at your event

Cooking with Liquid nitrogen is extravagance that grabs the attention of everybody that’s nearby. With this kind of impact it is perfect for events, which is lucky for us as we love to perform and put smiles on peoples faces. Ice-Tapas can fit any event, at any location or any brand message. We have all manner of tricks up our sleeves to impress your guests or wow your potential clients. From  being coined ‘DJ’s of the catering world to our well groomed cooperate approach, we know how to set your event off!

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This post is also available in: Dutch